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In a high-tech world, computer interactions take a special place in our lives. Providing enormous possibilities and new horizons we can hardly imagine our lives without computers and the Internet.

Unfortunately, these advances and benefits come with privacy and information vulnerabilities. Every year larger amounts of electronic information has to be managed: projects and novel ideas, important documents and letters, web accounts, passwords and pin codes, credit cards and bank accounts, contact information, etc. Securing this type of information is extremely important for the overall security of your business and transactions.

We are proud to introduce VaultMate, a powerful software program for secure information management. This comfortable-to-use software product will incorporate strong encryption protection into your everyday computer life.

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Integrated Security Solutions

VaultMate is powerful and a user friendly software program for the secure management and storage of important information and documents.

The age of electronic documentation and the need to implement easy to use solutions for a variety of computer activities and projects, without sacrificing security, have driven the creators of VaultMate to come up with an all inclusive security program.

  • Documents Vault - Organizes your files and documents; making work flow more efficiently.

    The simple folder type filing structure of VaultMate organizes files quickly and easily, by storing all paperless documents as one encrypted database file.

  • Passwords and Sensitive Information Manager - Our unique password organizer includes a built in Safe Password Generator, Drag'n'Paste Internet Forms Filler and an imbedded 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) module that will make VaultMate your irreplaceable security assistant.

    It eliminates the worry about authentication privacy; allows the use of extremely strong security codes anywhere without running the risk of forgetting a hard-to-remember password. By keeping your passwords stored in VaultMate, no one can access your vault but you.

  • Work Journal - Gives you the ability to keep and organize records of the day's business proceedings and events securely.

    Easily exports to Hyper-Text Format (HTML) and publishing to your web-server.

  • Personal Diary - Organize your personal records of daily events, appointments, observations, etc.

    Your diary management is conveniently accessible and extremely secure.

Remove the question mark from your private data let it be only yours.

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Try Before You Buy

VaultMate is try-before-you-buy package. VaultMate offers 30 days free evaluation period. You can download VaultMate from this site and enjoy full spectra of it's capabilities. At the end of the evaluation period you will be offered to purchase a permanent license, or your trial license will expire.

 December 1, 2011
Full Perpetuum Collection FOR JUST 4.99$ SALE.

 April 28, 2011
Phrase Password Generator version 2.0 released.


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